The other day I got my first commission through Reddit.

After posting this gif in r/simulated and r/blender, a certain redditor messaged me asking for me to make her notification animations for her twitch stream.  I agreed.

This got me thinking: Why don’t do commissions on my website?

Starting today, if anyone wants me to work on a project, they can contact me through the commission page, or at my email!


Happy Blending!

-Jonathan Kim

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I am a 17 year old Freelancer, high schooler, and 3D fanatic. He has extensive experience with 3D Graphics as well as business management and website design. He seeks to learn more about the 3D field, and to teach others what he has learned. This website, on top of being a tutorial hub and a place for people to just talk, also serves as my portfolio. Almost everything I post here is my original work. For information on commissions or anything else, please contact me here:

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