New Animation: Undetermined Name.

Hey guys, Jon here.

In about two months, I will be starting my first year at NYU.  It’s crazy how time passes.  I remember first starting Blender Mentor when I was thirteen.


Until that time comes, I have virtually nothing to do.  So in order to occupy myself, I along with a couple of friends(one of which is going to NYU with me) have decided to create a fun animation.  Unfortunately, no one at my school really knows how to animate, so either I will be doing most of the work or I will have to hire someone else to work on it with me.  As of right now, we have a basic plan laid out.



Side Profile of the main character, Caleb. I don’t draw, but this is just a basic reference to work off of that I made.
Front Profile of the main character, Caleb.

The purpose of this post is to keep you guys in the know of what’s happening with my life, but also to hold myself accountable for the next few weeks.  I hope to be able to finish this animation by at least the end of this summer, or hopefully earlier.

I’m excited to see what we can do.  Make sure to stay connected to this website so that you could see it when it comes out(only if you want to, of course. :D).


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