Update: A Wish for a Fish Animation + Wallpaper Download

Just wanted to give a quick update on what’s happening.  Work on the animation has been good, although a bit slow.  My friend and I have only been able to meet up a couple of times, and I have been working from 9 to 7 every day.  As such, I haven’t had the time to make real progress.

With NYU just one week away, it has become evident that this will take longer than expected.

However, the animation is still on.  I have made some progress on character modelling and the environment.  I still need someone to help me design the characters to my animation, as well as create a storyboard for it.

Screenshot from the upcoming Animation(download for an HD version is linked below)

Until next time,

-Jonathan Kim

Download “Wallpaper Download” House-on-a-Hill-Blender-Mentor.png – Downloaded 155 times – 16 MB

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