Website Downtime/Making Money Using Blender

What a pain in the neck!  The website went down again.  I don’t know how many times I’ve had to fix it now.


On the bright side, I’m trying something new.  I just launched my first product on Etsy!  This is a trial run of a new product line.

Note that some of the products haven’t gone up on the site yet.  If I mention a product and it isn’t there, let me know and I will get working on it quick!

Something I’ve realized after working with Blender as a hobby for over 4 years now is that I won’t ever progress if I don’t start producing.  So starting today, I’m selling a few of my 3D models on Etsy.  They aren’t perfect yet; the 3D prints could have turned out a bit better, but the product delivered will be more refined than the pictures.  I plan to order a professionally 3D printed run of my models and get those molded for mass production.  I would have waited until I received the professionally 3D printed models before posting my unfinished work, but my mother(ever the hard ass) basically said you post what you have or you give up.  Keep in mind the product that you receive should you order will look a bit different from the picture(it will look better!) since I will be using better models.  All the profits will be used to help pay for my college.

Happy Blending!

-Jonathan Kim

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