My Adventures with Google Foo.Bar

Today marks the end of my brief respite into the Google coding realm.

For those of you who are not in the know, Google foobar is the challenge Google issues to users whose searches indicate an interest in either Java or Python.  I only got to the second level before I was stumped.

The first level required a basic knowledge of array lists, which was perfect because I had just learned about Arraylists in my AP CompSci class.  I finished the activity in 22 hours.

For the second assignment, however, the user was required to write a program that determined the minimum number of steps it would take for a knight to move from a given starting point to a given ending point on an 8×8 chessboard.  I was given 72 hours to solve it.  I spent the first 48 hours of that time not doing much of anything.  Until just 32 minutes ago, my code was able to pass only 4 of the 10 tests.  However, during the last half hour, I was able to bring that number to 8.  Unfortunately I simply ran out of time.

Oh well.  Time budgeting has never been my forte.

And yes, this post is slightly irrelevant, but this is a Graphics design blog.  The two subjects are close enough.

Hopefully, I can use one of my other accounts to register with foobar again.(although I doubt it)

Happy Coding,

-Jonathan Kim

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