About Us/Contact

Blender Mentor is a website/blog dedicated to releasing tutorials and resources that can’t be found elsewhere on the internet.  I explore features in Blender that have been underutilized, and try to explain how they can be used.  On top of tutorials, this blog is also a place where I post all the thoughts and discoveries I have about certain aspects of 3D software.  This is a learning hub, not only for you readers, but for me as well, as I grow through the community fostered here.


Main Author

Jonathan Kim is a 17 year old Freelancer, high schooler, and 3D fanatic.  He has extensive experience with 3D Graphics as well as business management and website design.  He seeks to learn more about the 3D field, and to teach others what he has learned.

You can contact Jonathan through his email at blendermentormail@gmail.com